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Browse the collection of eye-catching and customizable restaurant flyer templates to promote your restaurant business with style and efficiency.

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1. 40+ Customizable Restaurant Flyer Templates
2. How to Make a Restaurant Flyer
3. Tips For Designing Eye-catching Restaurant Flyer

4. Benefits of Using Restaurant Flyer Templates
5. FAQs

40+ Customizable Restaurant Flyer Templates

BBQ Restaurant Flyer
BBQ Lunch Flyer
Ice Cream Restaurant Flyer
Ice Cream Flyer
Breakfast Restaurant Flyer
Breakfast Food Flyer
Fish Fry Restaurant Flyer
Fish Fry Flyer
Makan Restaurant Flyer
Makan Gratis Flyer
Hallacas Restaurant Flyer
Hallacas Lunch Flyer
Pizza Food Restaurant Flyer
Pizza Food Flyer
Burger Food Restaurant Flyer
Burger Food Flyer
Brunch Restaurant Flyer
Brunch Flyer
Momos Restaurant Flyer
Momos Flyer
Ceviche Restaurant Flyer
Ceviche Meal Flyer
Vegan Restaurant Flyer
Vegan Fruits Flyer
Edacious Food  Restaurant Flyer
Edacious Food Flyer
Family Food Restaurant Flyer
Family Food Flyer
Delicious Food Restaurant Flyer
Delicious Food Flyer
Canteen Service Restaurant Flyer
Canteen Service Flyer
American Corn Restaurant Flyer
American Corn Flyer
Herbal Tea Restaurant Flyer
Herbal Tea Flyer
Seafood Restaurant Flyer
Seafood Flyer
Open Restaurant Flyer
Grand Opening Flyer
Waffle Restaurant Flyer
Waffle Brunch Flyer
Bubble Milk Tea Restaurant Flyer
Bubble Milk Tea Flyer
Cookout Restaurant Flyer
Cookout Meal Flyer
Hot BBQ Restaurant Flyer
Hot BBQ Food Flyer
Chicken Restaurant Flyer
Chicken Flyer
Cake Restaurant Flyer
Cake Flyer
Baked Restaurant Flyer
Baked Flyer
Tacos Restaurant Flyer
Tacos Flyer
Tea Restaurant Flyer
Boba Tea Flyer
Nachos Restaurant Flyer
Nachos Flyer
Bakery Food Restaurant Flyer
Bakery Food Flyer
Sweet Candy Restaurant Flyer
Sweet Candy Flyer
Healthy Food Restaurant Flyer
Healthy Food Flyer
Caldo Restaurant Flyer
Caldo Food Flyer
Empower Food Restaurant Flyer
Empower Food Flyer
Delicious Meal Restaurant Flyer
Delicious Meal Flyer
Cake Dessert Restaurant Flyer
Cake Dessert Flyer
Coconut Milk Restaurant Flyer
Coconut Milk Flyer
Cafe Restaurant Flyer
Cafe Restaurant Flyer
Grand Opening Restaurant Flyer
Grand Opening Flyer
Fresh Food Restaurant Flyer
Fresh Food Flyer
Food Recipe Restaurant Flyer
Food Recipe Flyer

How to Make a Restaurant Flyer

Step 1: Open the LiSi menu maker app

The first step is to open the LiSi menu maker app. Create a restaurant flyer for your restaurant. Your ultimate tool for creating personalized flyers easily.

Step 2: Tap on the Marketing Icon Button

Now there is a marketing icon at the bottom side. You just tap on the button there.

Step 3: Simply Search the Restaurant Flyer

Now you have to go to the search box. Search the search box for “Restaurant flyer”. And then click on the search button.

Step 4: Select Your Favorite Restaurant Flyer and Customize

Now select the restaurant flyer template of your choice. Then customize the flyer chosen now. Once you’ve selected a flyer template, it’s time to customize it to make it your own. You can change the text, images, fonts, and colors to match your branding and messaging.

Step 5: Save, Download, and Share Your Flyer

Once you have finished customizing your flyer, it’s time to save, download and share it. The app allows you to save your design in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. You can also share your flyer directly from the app to social media platforms or people.

Tips For Designing Eye-catching Restaurant Flyer

Keep the design clean and simple

Avoid cluttering the flyer with too much information. Stick to the essential details such as the restaurant name, contact information, location, and any special offers or promotions. Use clear and easy-to-read fonts to ensure the information is easily understood.

Use bold and vibrant colors

Catch the reader’s attention by using bright and eye-catching colors. This will make your flyer stand out and attract potential customers.

Include high-quality images

Use appetizing images of your restaurant’s popular dishes to entice customers. Remember, people eat with their eyes first, so make sure the images look appealing and well-presented.

Add an attractive headline

Use a catchy and memorable headline or tagline to grab the reader’s attention. It should resonate with your target audience and highlight the unique selling points of your restaurant.

Highlight special offers or discounts

Incentivize potential customers by showcasing any ongoing offers, discounts, or promotions. This could be a daily happy hour, a special set menu, or a limited-time discount code.

Use a call-to-action

Encourage readers to take action by including a clear call to action. This could be to visit your restaurant, make a reservation, order online, or sign up for a newsletter. Added urgency to the call-to-action, such as “Limited seats available!” or “Order now for a 10% discount,” can also be effective.

Benefits of Using Restaurant Flyer Templates


Using templates saves time as you don’t have to start from scratch. You can simply customize the template according to your needs.

Easy to customize

Most flyer templates are designed to be editable, allowing you to add your own text, images, and branding elements.

Consistency in branding

By using a template, you can easily incorporate your restaurant’s branding elements such as logos, colors, and fonts, ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.

Easy to use

Templates are typically user-friendly and require minimal design skills. You don’t need to be a graphic design expert to create a high-quality flyer.


Hiring a professional designer to create a custom flyer can be expensive. By using a template, you can save on design costs while still achieving a professional-looking flyer.

Professional appearance

Most food flyer templates are professionally designed, giving your flyers a polished and appealing look. This can attract more customers and create a positive image for your restaurant.

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What are restaurant flyer templates?

Restaurant flyer templates are pre-designed flyers specifically tailored for restaurants. They typically include placeholders for restaurant logos, food images, menu items, contact information, and any special promotions or offers.

Can I customize a restaurant flyer template?

Yes, the flyer templates are meant to be customizable. You can modify the text, images, colors, and layout to suit your restaurant’s branding and style. This allows you to create a unique and personalized flyer for your establishment.

Do I need graphic design skills to use restaurant flyer templates?

No, you do not necessarily need graphic design skills to use the flyer templates. The templates are designed to be user-friendly, allowing you to simply replace the placeholder content with your own text and images. However, having some basic design knowledge can help you create a more visually appealing and professional-looking flyer.

Can I use restaurant flyer templates for online promotion as well?

Yes, the flyer templates can be used for both online and offline promotions. Once you have customized the template, you can save it in various formats suitable for digital platforms, such as JPEG or PNG, and use it for online advertisements, social media posts, or email marketing.

What should I include in a restaurant flyer?

A flyer should include essential information such as the cafe name, logo, contact details, address, opening hours, menu highlights, promotions, and any special events. Make sure to use high-quality images and persuasive language to attract customers.

The Final Thoughts

In conclusion, restaurant flyer templates offer an efficient and creative way to promote your eatery to potential customers. By using a must-have menu maker app, designing attractive and professional menus becomes effortless, enhancing overall branding and attracting more diners.

To access the restaurant menu, flyers, poster, logo, business card, brochure, and banner creator app, simply tap on the buttons provided below.

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